Rising sun 


So this weekend along with a tonne of shopping I also managed to knock another one off my list.

I went and watched the sun rise.

Now admittedly the field I sat in was not as cool a place as some of the others I’ve planned (beaches and forests while camping) and failed because I like sleep too much.

And unlike the other plans I didn’t have any company. But I think watching it on my own made it all the more magical, it was just me surrounded by nature.

I live in the middle of a built up town so not ideal sun rise watching location. Luckily there’s a lot of gorg countryside just a short drive away, and so I got up stupidly early and drove out to a field near my dad’s little village.

I did get seriously worried while driving that Saturday was not going to be the day I got to see the sun come up because it was overcast and cloudy. But luckily for me as the sun rose the clouds broke up, and those that were still there looked so pretty and colourful.

And I totally get why people say you should watch a sunrise, it really connects you to the world around you. Just sitting there in the dim light with my warmish cup of tea (like all addicts I take it any way I can get it) and doing my deep yoga breathing I could clear my head and really think through some things that have been bugging me these last few weeks. I think being alone made it that much more spiritual and made me really think in a way that joking around with someone else wouldn’t have.

Anyways that’s enough of the spiritual stuff, I’m really not good at putting my life into words, much better at making up stories than telling my own! Enjoy some of the fab pictures I took! 💖


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