A weekend of hits

Heya guys,

Number one, this is not a travel post! The blog name stuck but I’m still in (surprisingly) sunny ol’ England! ☀️

As many of you keeno readers will know I had a travel hitlist. But I also have an on going one for general life.

So this weekend I knocked four things off, yeah I know it’s been a big weekend for me (spoiler: don’t expect any of them to be too wild!) Anyways getting them done reminded me I haven’t posted on the blog in forever and also the adventures of the hitlist could actually be pretty fun to blog about!

So if you fancy joining me on the journey and reading blogs about me doing stupid things, scary things and a few embarrassing things and the friends who I’m dragging along with me then I’ll be posting updates as I go! 🎉

So on Friday I volunteered. I was a Marshall for a local race, had a hi-vis jacket, signs and a lovely ambulance lady for company.

Yesterday I dyed (only semi perm) my hair a funky colour. It’s currently half purple in a home job ombré look (that’s a pain to capture in a photo properly).

This morning I rode a horse. My sister’s ridden since she was a toddler and is insanely good now! Anyways, she was part of the reason I wanted to give it a whirl, see why it was such a big part of her life. Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it (probs have as I’m a bit of a drama diva) and anyone who knows me in real life knows, I am not an animal person. It took me weeks to warm up to my parents dogs, birds still terrify me if they fly remotely close to me, so although I think they’re really cute / impressive to look at I don’t like them anywhere near me! But hey I figured a horse would be fine. And it was, until the crazy thing went from a nice slow walk to a deadly canter (I realise it was not really life threatening but it felt terrifying and as previously mentioned semi drama queen here 👸🏼).

But I survived and can kind of understand my sister’s love of them, they’re pretty impressive but I deffo think my days of riding is over, for horses at least! 🐴🐴

And then this evening I went and did karaoke. Or as my pal, and fellow singer, J would call it karahoeke! 😂

I sang a duet to High School Musical and then solo to Busted’s Year 3000. Old but classic Abby tunes (still listen to them on my current car playlists 🙈). And I was out of tune, I messed up on the fast bit of Busted and laughed down the mic, but I got claps and whoops (mainly from J and V who I’ve been dragging along on adventures at home as well as abroad!) and I managed not to break any glass.

Enjoy the pictures of my being really into the tunes / lyrics. Camera woman V got some fab action shots. 📸📸

I’ll post an update tomorrow when I get time to type out all the hitlist adventures left to do! 💖


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