Heya guys,
So currently sat in the car on my way home. That’s right I’m back in England so we’re on the last few blog posts. And yes I said few (you don’t have to read them all I just have to write them).
I am so happy to be home and my dad was a total babe and remembered to bring me lemon drizzle cake, which I have been craving since about a fortnight in and is not a thing in America or Canada.
The last few days in Canada were great, we wandered the city some more on recommendations of where to go and what to see.
Then we got to the stressful bit at the airport. Our bags were underweight, thank god! They feel epically heavy but we were half the weight when we flew out so we weren’t too worried it was just because out here they use pounds instead of kilos and when it flashed up with 43 I had a moment of panic. But all was good, at this stage anyway, and we got them on.
Our first plane was delayed by an hour due to everything being grounded at JFK where our connection was.
Our layover was only an hour and half. It takes half an hour to get from one end of the terminal to the other. Our flights were at opposite ends of the terminal. We literally ran to the gate, after having to stop and ask where it was, and they had to reopen the doors to let us and some of the others from our flight on. The staff at the desk were not happy with us. But we made it onto the plane 🙌🏼. I think there would have been a lot of tears if we hadn’t managed to make it onto the flight.
Unfortunately our bags did not, despite being assured several times they would! 😭 so I now have to wait a couple of days for all my belongs (I know it’s not but it was all my important and favourite stuff) to arrive.
Anyways I’ve now got a completed (ish) hitlist for you below so enjoy reading and seeing how we got on:
* Talk to an American in an American accent – see Houston hitlist update. I’m pretty fluent in the valley girl accent. 

* Walk down the Vegas stripe – tick ✔️✔️

* Buy a Disney snow globe -not done yet as the one I wanted was huge and difficult to get home in a rucksack, but Disney ship so will be buying once I hit English soil! 

* Wear Minnie Mouse ears for 24 hours 🐭 – done! And I only looked semi weird in them on the bus 

* The Statue of Liberty 🗽- yes! And she was amazing if slightly smaller than expected

* Eat American smores (we made our own on list year’s camping adventure) – we have had pop tarts in smores flavour but are keeping our eyes open for the real deal. I have also had smore cookie dough which was incredible. And two almost done make a whole and so I’m ticking this one off the list

* Eat the state food in each state we stay – Apart from Washington as it’s not actually a state but is federal ground so doesn’t have one. 

* Ride a horse 🐎 – done! (Sort of we rode a carousel horse, so it was a horse but I won’t tick it on my year’s hit list.)

* Line dancing 👯 – danced round a courtyard in a Texan way so this is totally done. 

* Eat cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory – so yummy! 

* Have pie and coffee in a diner (full disclosure I do not drink coffee so this will be pie, a sip of coffee then a gallon of tea) ☕️ – not going to lie I didn’t drink coffee, I had a lot of tea and some pie though so this one has a half tick

* Roller skate around Somewhere – it is impossible to find a place to roller skate in the US/Canada. Sadly this is the one we were not able to tick off. 😔😔

* Bet in Vegas – I’ve officially placed a bet

* Mardi Gras in New Orleans – SO COOL!!!! (See the Nola post for all the deets.) 

* Visit a Hard Rock Cafe – even have the tee shirt to prove it 

* Bungee jumping – I’ve ziplined but didn’t manage to find a bungee jump 

* Washington and Lincoln memorials – done and done

* Buy some American uni merchandise – I have a Columbia flag magnet and it’s so American!! 

* Take a photo at the Brooklyn Bridge 📷 – yep, and it was just what I expected it to be and so much more 

* Visit Walmart – yep! This store is ridiculous, like a Tesco but more extreme

* The Grand Canyon – yes and it is incredible

* A ghost tour 👻– yep, walked round New Orleans listening to a guy tell us all about the spooks there. 

* Watch some kind of sports game – saw a hockey game while in Central Park 

* See the Bellagio fountain – such a cool fountain show, and we did a little oceans 11 photo shoot 

* Breakfast at Tiffany’s – way less glamorous than the film but totally worth it 

* Supersize a McDonald’s 🍟🍔 (me and V will be sharing this) – should have done my research before the trip because this was phased out in 2004. Still I’ve had a few McDonald’s so I’m sure I’ve rated the equivalent in fries and chicken nuggets

* Spend an afternoon in Barnes and a noble – yes and it was just as good as I remember the store being when I was younger! 

* Watch a show – we went and saw Cirque Du Soleil while in Florida so this one can officially be crossed off. 

* Photo at the Vegas sign – we didn’t make it out to the one on the strip because it was roasting hot. But we did do it at the downtown sign in Fremont.

* Empire state building – what a view! 

* People watch in Grand Central – yep, and some of the tourists photo poses were hilar! Feel a bit boring with the big standard selfie after seeing some of their awesome poses 

* Central Park 🌳🌳 – yep and we got lost several times but it was so pretty in the snow we didn’t even care 

* Find a LA cap like Hils in Cinderella Story – obvs you know from all the pictures! (See below pics)

* Alcatraz – I have been to the rock 

* Ride a cable car in San Fransisco 🚃 – tick! ✔️✔️

* Visit the 9/11 memorial – yes.

* Visit the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉 – It’s like one of the thing every tourist does but there’ s a reason for that; the views are spectacular! 

* New York public library – such an impressive building 

* M and M world (chocolate heaven!! 🍫) – been there in Vegas and New York  

* NASA space centre 🚀 – we had lift off

* The French Quarter in New Orleans – even had a little nap in Jackson Square 

* Ride the Hogwarts Express 🚂 – yes and it was just as incredible as expected

* The Smithsonian – as you can tell from my hype over the postal museum we did a lot of them 

* Walk the National Mall in Washington  – we’ve walked this several times on our trips round Washington 

* Niagra Falls – yes and it’s incredible. If you’re ever in Toronto or New York (there’s an American side too) go and see it. No ifs, buts or coconuts.

* CN Tower – obvs we were in Toronto for days we saw this impressive building a lot. They also have what seems to be a fake version out by Niagara.

Laters 💖


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