Oh Canada 🇨🇦

Hey guys,
So we’re half way through our week in Canada and it’s going pretty well.

We had a pretty chilled first day here, just got our bearings and sent postcards home while we were wandering.
The second day we went into downtown Toronto. Did what everyone there calls the second Times Square, Young-Dundas Square (sorry canadian’s if that’s spelt wrong). It was way, way less busy than Times Square, but everyone we spoke to said it was a lot busier in the summer so maybe we were just out of season.

We also went around the shopping centre, had a look in all the Canadian and American shops.

Then today was our Niagara day. I’ll do it in a chronological order and come back to the water fall.

As part of the tour we booked there was a wine tasting session. We went out to a vineyard and tried three wines; a white, a rosé and an ice wine. As anyone I’ve ever drank with can tell you I’m a spirits girl and vary rarely drink wine unless I’m already a little tipsy and don’t care or it’s a really nice bottle with the family where I’m not getting stop sending stupid snapchats drunk (and as most of you also know this is a very low threshold 🙈).

Anyways the White was nice and the rosé drinkable but the ice wine was like nothing I’ve ever drank before. The wine lady told us it was unique before we tried but it really was not what I was expecting, it tasted like gone off salad to me and jam to V.

I’m not very good at lying because my facials give me away and one of our tour buddies actually burst out laughing at my reaction to the wine.

Also fun fact (phrase used loosely) our babe of a bus driver told us about how the ice wine is actually made. He was very proud of it because Canada is the largest producer atm. Anyways they leave the grapes on for longer and then in January after three days of between minus eight and minus twelve (if I remember correctly) they harvest them once they’re fully frozen and turn a selection of grapes into wine. Another fun fact note than one type of grape goes into a lot of wines. 🥂

Also I just mentioned what a babe our driver is and I feel like he deserves his own little paragraph because he was a delight. Full of interesting factoids like the one just share, and he kept us informed all along the bus journey, I know so much about Canada now! and when he was dropping us off and we told him it wasn’t our hotel (because they didn’t collect from the hostel we were staying at) he drove us half the way to where we were actually staying. The only reason he didn’t take us the full way was because it was like nine and he had to be at work for five am the next morning.

Anyways after the wine tasting we went on to Niagara Falls. Oh my god! They are seriously incredible! Like it’s insane just the view of the falls. And the spray that comes off it, when it’s windy it feels like it’s chucking it down when you walk along the pathway.

And while we were there there were rainbows over the falls. I only managed to get the smaller one in picture but it was magical!

We also went to Niagara on the lake and enroute saw the smallest church in the northern hemisphere. It is legit tiny!

And now I’m knackered so off to bed! Laters 💖


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