Until next time New York 

Hey guys!
I know it’s been a few days since the last blog post but New York has been so busy!!
We’re sat at the bus station now waiting for our bus out so I thought I’d take the time to write a blog and get you all caught up on what we’ve been up to.

On Wednesday we met up with Abie. I went to uni and loved with Abie for a year, because we like to make things easy. 😂

Anyways, Abie is at uni at Columbia and so we had to go and visit her there. The university is so impressive! Like the architecture is amazing and all the statues and little details like the hidden owls are incredible.

She also took us into their gift shop. I know it’s America but the amount of Columbia mech they sell is ridiculous. There was all the usual tee shirts, hoodies, magnets, caps and mugs. Then of course the American flags (which I got a mini magnet version off and ticked another to do off the list btw). But there was also cufflinks, a nutcracker, a memory stick, speakers and a personalised engraved chair. Like seriously who is buying this stuff?!?!

After that Abie acted as our tour guide for the day.

We went around Greenwich village and soho. Where we visited the fountain and apartment from friends and had another fan girl moment taking pictures of them all.

We also hit up the cookie dough place that has been all over facebook Dō, and it was amazing!! So much cookie dough and the flavours were so so good! Like I could eat it all day long.

Had a little stroll as well along the High Lines, which is an old overground railway track they’ve converted into a little park. It was incredibly windy up there, and even when we came down because we were right by the Hudson River. But also had some amazing views of the city.

After that we went to the Lincoln centre, which had welcome in loads of languages that light up on the steps. And we went to the cinema where we watched Beauty and the Beast. Oh my god! I loved loved loved it!!! Totally worth the extortionate American cinema prices.

Then on Thursday we headed out to Liberty and Ellis islands. Our stupid ticket only gave us a time window of 9am to 3pm but when we got there, nice and early at half nine, we were on a ferry at twelve. But once we finally got out there the Islands were really cool.

The statue itself was smaller than I was expecting, and the podium it sits on larger. But we learnt a lot about how the statue was built and what was on the island before Lady Liberty took her spot.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Ellis island either as my knowledge of American history is very limited. But learning about the immigrants and what happened to them at Ellis island was really interesting.

Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. We started off by heading to Ellen’s diner. Which is a diner where loads of actors, in between stints on shows, work and they perform songs while you eat. Where I sat meant my seat was on the edge of this little walkway in the middle of the floor that the singers would go up on and perform. One of whom laid down behind me and stroked my hair while singing 🙈.

After that we went over to the Empire State Building. There wasn’t a big queue like we expected so we managed to get up there quite quickly.

Such incredible views of the city from there though. You can see all around the city! And of course we had another little movie moment with the whole Sleepless in Seattle scene up there.

Basically Meg Ryan (lol! 😂)

And then we went across to the biggest Macy’s. Eight floors of department store and such pretty clothes!!

Because it was our last night in the city and Abie had just handed in her master’s thesis we obvs needed to celebrate. So we went for drinks at this cute place Abie knows called The Dead Poet. All the drinks there are named after authors, and are also super strong.

Subway snapchat

We had a great night though, perfect last night in the city. Abie also introduced us to their amazing fries, they’re cooked in truffle oil and have Parmesan and oh my god are like a little foodgasm they taste so good.

Now onto today. As you might be able to tell we’re leaving the city in the evening so have had a day to roam the streets.

We started off by heading to Tiffany’s and after grabbing a cup of earl grey and a New York bagel we had our breakfast at Tiffany’s. Nowhere near as glamorous as it looked in the movie but we had fun looking at the jewellery windows and got doormen.

After that we wandered round the city; down fifth avenue again, to the rockafella building, through Times Square and around Broadway.

We also saw Abie again before our bus left. She came to see us off, and we went for tea in Dean and Deluca in the New York Times building.

Anyways looks like the bus is ready so catch you in Canada! 💖


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