Still in love with this city


I know I said I’d get back on top of the bloggies and it’s been a few days since the last one but it’s all been so busy and exciting here! But hey at least is hasn’t been quite as many days this time and I’ll be more regs from now on.

Anyway let’s get you caught up on the last few days.

On Sunday we did all things Central; Central Park and then Grand Central. In the morning we wandered from one end of the park to the other and then zigzagged inbetween, getting lost/ stuck in the snow several times. The park was also a lot, lot bigger than I was expecting. I’m not stupid, I knew it would be big just not quite as big as it actually is with all its lakes and reservoirs and tennis courts and pubs and statues and even a zoo!

We also managed to squeeze in the Public Library. Such an impressive build g, although as you know from the Washington post I am Library biased. I loved the little library walk as well with all the literary quotes.

And then we went to tick another thing off the hit list. We went and had a bagel and a cup of tea while we watched the people of New York, and also a lot of hilarious photo taking tourists like ourselves in Gran Central. I’m not sure if it’s just the writer in me but I’m super nosey, in particular I love to people watch and the station was a great place to do this. I could have spent hours, more than the two and a bit we already did, there just watching everyone. (In a non creepy way obvs!)

Yesterday V wasn’t feeling too hot. Or rather she was feeling too hot and so not up to a full on tourist trail day. So we kept it pretty chill. Went to Times Square and wandered around all the shops. My fav obvs being the two chocolate stores.

We started off today at the 9/11 memorial. And once again my babbling is insufficient to describe a place to really capture the somber and reflective nature. The memorials were impressive, and the work that the tribute centre still does in remembering the victims is incredible. A place like that really makes you stop and think.

Each of the victims gets a rose on their birthday
The north tower
The south tower

This afternoon we went and knocked another item off the hit list (a lot of them were New York specific hence the high hit volume) and went to the Brooklyn Bridge. More specifically we went to the spot from another of Hils movies, A Perfect Man (I know it’s in loads of other shows but y’all know my love for Hilary exceeds them). Where we took a gazillion photos of ourselves and the city. Enjoy them below:

That’s all for now. Laters 💖


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