I ♥️ NY

Hey guys,

So we made it to New York!!!

We travelled on St Patrick’s day, which was ridiculously stupid of us because everyone was out and at least semidrunk so travelling around with our huge rucksacks was awful.

But all the people we ran into (some literally) were super friendly and  we made it to our hostel!

After getting settled, aka ditching the rucksack and dealing with my bus face, we went out for dinner and a drink. Nothing too wild as we both were super tired.

Today was our first full day in New York. We managed to work our way around on the subway, even with V’s subway app telling us totally the wrong information. And we obvs didn’t look too lost ourselves as one girl asked us for directions. Part of our walk to the museum was through Central Park and it was so pretty in the snow (see below).

We spent the morning at the Met. It’s such a huge museum, and full of so much more then I was expecting for an art museum. Like their Egyptian section was insane, they even had temples and tombs there.

We then spent the afternoon on Fifth Avenue, and the most time in one particular store. Yep, Barnes and Noble. Still as amazing a book store as I remember! And I was super restrained and only brought the one book.

Also we have a food list (I know I love lists) and eating a hot dog in New York is on there and we managed to get that done today.

Anyways that’s all for today so I’ll post more tomoz, laters! 💖


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