Wet hair, do care 

So yesterday and today we’ve been taking a break from Disney and spent the days at Universal.

Yesterday we did the Islands of Adventure and today we did Universal Studios.

I’ll start with yesterday as that’s the inspo for the blog title.

Suprisingly enough there’s loads of different lands on the Islands of Adventure.

We wandered through but didn’t ride anything in Seuss Landing, the rides all seemed geared towards littler riders and we were super keen to get to Potterland (aka Hogsmeade).

We did return to the Lost Continent (the land between Seuss and Potter) later on in the afternoon and watched Sinbad do some stunts and save the day in his show.

We also popped into Poseidon’s “lost” shrine and did a little interactive walking tour around said ruins.

Anyways onto Potter. As most of you know there are four things I really love; Hilary Duff, chocolate, Disney and Harry Potter. The Americans have ruined chocolate for this trip with the weird way they make it so it tastes nothing like English chocolate so I’ve not been able to fully enjoy that. Also spotting Hilary on the street in a totally different state to where she lives is a very unlikely aim. So I’ve been buzzing for Disney (and loving it as you can probs tell from the last few posts) and Potter at Universal.

They’ve split the Potter part between the Islands and Studios so they could get the Hogwarts Express to go between the two. So yesterday we did the Hogsmeade side, there were shops like Olivander’s and Honeyduke’s, where we obvs both got a chocolate frog and a box of our fav wizard sweets (fudge flies for V and fizzie whizzbees for me).

There are also three amazing rides that side of town. There’s the Flight of the Hippogriff which is a mini rollercoaster, I’m calling it mini because it basically lasted a minute. There’s Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which whizzes you around with jumpy out stuff to really make you scream. But for that one you’re like in a bench thing as opposed to a rollercoaster. The third ride is two rollercoasters called the Dragon Challenge. It’s basically two different colour rollercoasters that go really fast and upside down. Loads of fun! Even V who doesn’t really like them enjoyed it!

Ohh and for some of the rides where they’re jolty or upside down rollers they give you lockers to put stuff in. For the Dragon ride they also make you go through one of those metal detector things they have at airports to make sure you don’t have anything on you.

Almost forgot, we went to the toilet in Hogsmeade and they had Moaning Myrtle chatting away in there. Just the voice not a character – that would be weird.

After Potterland we went to Jurassic Park. Where the main ride was closed, but we got to take some photos (because I know how word heavy this post is becoming) and both geeked out and got a Jurassic Park tee.

They have a lot of rides here where there are screens telling and showing you stuff to make them more of a story than you just being bundled on a vehicle that shakes around and squirts water at you. (Don’t worry there will be a whole section on water later that will explain the title. I won’t forget I promise!)

Anyways some of these story telling rides have 3D elements, by which I mean you have to wear glasses not that they really move, which is pretty obvs. Skull Island, the King Konng ride was our first experi car of this. We also did the Spider-Man ride in Marvell Island which did a similar sort of thing. As I’m super jumpy these rides really made me scream (although I’ve discovered I scream on most rides; big terrifying drop rollers, jumpy bumpy Ines and even sitting in a stationary seat 3D movie ones).

After Kong was Toon Lagoon, where there are two water rides. Now when me and V imagin water rides it’s like the log flume at Wickstead Park or even Splash Mountain in Disney World, where you get a little wet, maybe your shirt even changes colour. This is not what the lovely people at Universal think.

As you can see from the above photos we got absolutely soaked. Like wring my shirt out and still feel like it just came out a washing machine soaked. And this was on both rides! In the end we had to buy a dress/trousers just so we could be comfortably dry enough to go on the other rides.

And by the way almost every ride here has some kind of water sprayed at you. They do not warn you of this either. Go on Kong, Spiderman, Hogwarts, even the sit down show things like Shrek and the Terminator spray you with water. And none of them have warnings or even put in the ride descriptions that they will get you wet!

After being drenched we entered Marvel, ate an American lunch. (They are super patriotic here, like I expected them to be proud of their great America but the extent to which they actually are is insane!) Anyways lunch was a burger and fries, which you can get anywhere, and a shake which was actually amazing (didn’t go for chocolate for obvs reasons).

We also ride the Hulk rollercoaster, which involved a lot of loop the loops and a super speedy start – super fun! Even if it did make the thin strap on my top snap.

Now onto today and Universal Studios. We started off on the Islands side so that we could ride the Hogwarts express across. Total fan girl moment sitting in a carriage exactly like the ones you see in the film and watching the countryside whizz by through the window (it’s a screen not the actual view).

Once on the Studios side we headed to Diagon Alley. Again some awesome shops, but I managed to hang onto my money and not spent any more.

They also had Knockturn Alley, and it was just as dark and creepy as in the movies.

After wandering around and basking in all the magicness (well aware this isn’t a real word but as you can probs tell I’m typing how I talk) we went on to other lands.

We did a load of the 3D simulator rides including the Simpsons one and Transformers.

We also watched some 4D shows; Shrek and the Terminator.

And they we doing a soft opening of the Jimmy Fallon ride through New York, who V loves, so we got to do that as well.

And I almost forgot. We met Daphne and Scooby!

And I think that about sums up our adventures in Universal. We’re off to Disney World for our last day so I’ll babble more tomorrow! Laters 💖


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