New friends 

Heya guys,

Prewarning this will be another photo heavy post.

We did Epcot today and it was super fun and informative and with all the flowers so pretty and colourful.

They had displays of plants that looked like characters all around the park. Enjoy the following flurry of pics:

We also made a load of new friends, and I got to hang out with fellow icy lady Elsa!

It was weird meeting Mickey and his pals though, all the “human” characters spoke to us and we had little conversations with them but because of the costumes Mickey etc just used hand gestures. They also all kissed us which was odd. Anyways enjoy these photos too:

We also walked around the entire park, part of which  designed to be like various places in the world. Of course me andV didn’t pass up the opportunity to be photographed in various locales so enjoy our Venice and Paris poses.

Part of the world exhibit was designed to look like England as well. Or at least the old Disney version. When we realised England was in the park I was so helpful for some Yorkshire tea or pudding, there was a Twinings store but no Yorkshire tea for me. And the British food they had was fish and chips. Which was pretty good but no Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes.

And of course all the tourists were taking typical British photos so we had to join in.

We did a few rides while we were at Epcot as well, there aren’t many to do there as it’s mainly looking at thing and interactive games, but we did some of the coolest ones.

We soared around the world on Soarin’ which had incredible graphics you tiled around in front of this screen which took you all over the world.

In Spaceship Earth we did a little tour of technology through the ages and got a weird little video of our future, see screen grab below.

We also went on Mission Space which was this “flight training” ride for astronauts. Which was insanely fun, even V enjoyed it despite the multiple warnings getting her a bit nervy for it.

Then this evening we went to Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba show. So impressive how strong the acrobats are. Especially the ones who do the ribbon twirling in the sky stuff. There was also a man who held and spun a woman about from a strap in his mouth (really need to ask dad how that is possible without him destroying his teeth).

That’s all for today. Laters 💖


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