Wet hair don’t care


As promised there are less pictures today as we spent most of it at Blizzards Beach and my phone doesn’t mix well with water.

Pre ride picture when we look like total beach babes 😉


But the water park was super cool! We went on a load of water slides we could race each other down first. With carpets on our tummy and in the awkward rubber rings (which for some reason they call tubes here, v weird I know).

We also went in the wave pool and floated round the whole park on another of those uncomfortable to get into floating rings.

There were two big water slides at the park. V has a fear of falling and has managed to do all the rides at the other parks because she was strapped in to stuff. The water slides not so much. And this meant I had to do them solo, but V got to watch me ride and scream my way down Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher, and work on her tan!

Slush went up and down with mini hills as you dropped so felt a bit bumpy and meant you got a lot of splash to the face.

Summit is a 90 foot drop. And I’m not exaggerating when I describe this, but when you sit in the bit at the top where the life guard tells you the rules of the ride, yeah when you sit there you can’t see the slide going down it just looks like a sheer drop. Slightly terrifying but my friendly life guard told me “you got this” and off I went. V checked my speed on their little speed-o-meter and I got up to 42mph on the slide. That’s faster than I’ve ever ridden my bike!

After all the slide we looked slightly dishevelled

After the water park we still had some hours to kill before our shuttle bus so we went back to the magic kingdom. (There are going to be some photos in this next bit but I’m trying not to spam with them.)

We did some rides we didn’t have time to queue for yesterday that had seriously long queues. Like the dwarves ride that we waited two hours for, and Peter Pan.

We also got to shoot some baddies on the Buzz Lightyead ride.


And after helping Buzz save the day we went over to Monster’s Inc and helped them with some laughs to power the city. (I’m repeating myself I know, but if you told me when I was a kid I would be doing all these things little Abby would first have been disbelieving and then would have been ecstatic  that big Abby got to do all these super cool things!)

And of course we had to have a night time photo outside the little mermaid castle.

Ohh and to finish off here’s a beauty and the beast photo we took yesterday.

Laters 💖


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