Magic kingdom 


Me again! And again I have a tonne of pictures and some videos as well for you to enjoy! Don’t worry they’re not all of princesses.

We did the Magic Kingdom today. It’s incredible, like I thought I just loved Disney and the other parks were amazing but this one is just mind blowing!

Guess who we ran into at security again? Yep, our friendly security man Victor! He made sure me and V had our Disney smiles on.

After going through security we enjoyed loads of the rides, see pics below:

Take note of this particular photo, it was when we were crammed into a space pod for one of the rides and I was basically lying on V because we had to keep a seatbelt around us both.

Some of the mannequins on it’s a small world and the innovation carousel were hilarious as well. Look at the was this guy holding a fan!


I ticked another thing off my travel hit list as well, I rode a horse. Sure it was on the carousel but I’m pretty sure it’s the closest I’m going to get on the trip after we were unable to find any in Houston so I’m ticking it off this list and I’ll find a real horse for my main 2017 list.

And I fulfilled another of twelve year old Abby’s life goals – chatted with Ariel! That girl (I know it wasn’t the real little mermaid, and I all do not really believe in mermaids) was so pretty, and she stayed in character the entire time. I really wanted to ask if her hair was real but didn’t want to upset her or the kids waiting to see her.

After Ariel we also ran into her father and Sebastian.

We also took a load of other pictures. (Even if you don’t want to look at them keep scrolling, there’s more words I promise!)



And then we discovered the highlight of the evening (Ariel is obvs top highlight of the day but she was in the am). We found a Disney dance party with the Incredibles. I danced with Mr Incredible. And now you can enjoy the photos and videos from that. (There’s not many words afterwards so if you’re getting sick of my bragging feel free to dissapear now.)



​As I said before this place is seriously cool and we are loving it! Off to the water parks tomorrow so I’ll post an update then, doubt that one will have as many pictures so feel free to hit it up if you like my words more than my face! Laters 💖


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