Princess Abby gets a ticket 

Hey hey,
So I didn’t post yesterday because we basically just checked into the motel, did our laundry and then vegged out for the evening. I am trying to be more frequent though I promise, the regulars (mum and dad) have both said that there was a lack of blogging since Houston.

But today was our first full day and we went to Disney. I know this is going to be stating the obvious for most of you but I love Disney, and I love it even more!

I actually want to live here! All the people who work are so friendly and the characters are so cool! (Full disclosure I am taking a photo with a princess at one point so expected to be spammed by this) V’s been high fived by one of he green soldiers from toy story and a storm trooper waved at me.

We did the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios today. Not the main kingdom but we wanted to ease V in on the rollercoasters. Sadly that plan failed when we got on the rock and rollercoaster which then did several loop the loops (see scream faces below).

This place is also huge with loads of different parks so we’ve planned like where we’re doing each day to maximise Disney fun!

Almost forgot, I got written up by Victor the security guard today as well. While leaving the park he saw me on my phone while I was walking and gave me a citation. Which was just hilarious, he was a total babe as well telling us stories about the park and just generally making us laugh.

That’s all for today so enjoy the rest of our pictures below. 💖


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