Hola Nola 


It’s been a pretty full on four days so sorry for the lack of blog posts! I’ll get back onto posting on the regs in Florida. Although how much I can write each day about rollercoasters and princesses you may regret!

Anyways we’ve been in New Orleans (apaz called Nola for short) since I last posted.

It’s AMAZING! Like super super cool and weird and really pretty all at the same time. And I realise that was a lot of adjectives but that’s what it is like.

We were here for Mardi Gras, and back in Huston we ran into loads of fellow travellers who had already been here and said it was crazy, so we thought we were prepared for it but we really weren’t.

There were so many people, so many really cool parades, and so much stuff thrown from the floats. As you can see from all the beads we’re wearing.

I got hit on the head multiple times by stuff thrown from the floats/ tall people reaching for stuff that had been thrown. 🙉

But on the plus I also managed to catch some beads, and while I was on camera duty V caught loads of stuff.

As well as the parades we went on a swamp tour while we were in the city.

Alligators are not as big as I though they would be. Or at least the ones we saw were not as big as expected, or as big as our guide made out they were unless they had five foot tails!

But we also got to see some wild pigs, and the piglets were adorable (see below for lots of pig pictures). Our guide fed them marshmallows and they came right up to the boat to take them from him. There were also some turtles, crawfish and an eagle.

Ohh and loads of people lived on the part of the Mississippi River we travelled down. Some on house boats and others just on houses raised up on the swampland. Some of them you could only reach by parking on one side of the river then taking a boat out to the house. I don’t think I would be able to deal with all the hassle of bringing the shopping in let alone living with alligators and snakes as my neighbours. Also what if you have one of those in desperate for m&ms moments but getting to the nearest shop involves two modes of transport!

After our epic boat adventure we headed into town again and went for a ghost tour.

I’m really not a megabeliever in the whole supernatural world but some of the stories are interesting and our tour also promised voodoo, vampires and real life grusome tales. 👻☠️ So off we went on our tour. The real life stories of Zac and Addy and Madame LaLauries the New Orleans butcher were really interesting. And not just in a nice way to pass the time way but in a I need to google these people and find out more kind of way.

Madam LaLaurie’s house

The rest of the tour was pretty  cool as well. As previously mentioned I’m not a big believer in ghosts and vampires, butcout tour guide more than made up for mine an V’s scepticisim. He was a big big BIG believer, even showed us some of his ghost photos, but yeah him being such a believer wade him really convincing in the stories he was telling.
On our last day we wondered around the French Quarter.

New Orleans is a lot chiller when Mardi Gras is over. We wandered the streets listening to jazz and had a little doze in the sunshine in Jackson Square.

And to carry on our movie/ TV location shots we got a photo at the gateway for NCIS New Orleans. I know I fully relied out over it, big NCIS fan that I am.

We also went to a voodoo shop and had a little peruse of the spells and potions.

Anyways, that’s all for New Orleans we’re on our way to Orlando right now so I’ll post more then. 💖


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