Oh Canada 🇨🇦

Hey guys, So we're half way through our week in Canada and it's going pretty well. We had a pretty chilled first day here, just got our bearings and sent postcards home while we were wandering. The second day we went into downtown Toronto. Did what everyone there calls the second Times Square, Young-Dundas Square … Continue reading Oh Canada 🇨🇦


Until next time New York 

Hey guys! I know it's been a few days since the last blog post but New York has been so busy!! We're sat at the bus station now waiting for our bus out so I thought I'd take the time to write a blog and get you all caught up on what we've been up … Continue reading Until next time New York 

Still in love with this city

Heya, I know I said I'd get back on top of the bloggies and it's been a few days since the last one but it's all been so busy and exciting here! But hey at least is hasn't been quite as many days this time and I'll be more regs from now on. Anyway let's … Continue reading Still in love with this city

I ♥️ NY

Hey guys, So we made it to New York!!! We travelled on St Patrick's day, which was ridiculously stupid of us because everyone was out and at least semidrunk so travelling around with our huge rucksacks was awful. But all the people we ran into (some literally) were super friendly and  we made it to … Continue reading I ♥️ NY

A very white White House

Hey guys, Feel like I should start with an apology for the lack of blog posts. The internet in Washington was even worse than the internet in Florida, in that it would not even load my app to post properly. So it was either write and save a flurry of posts for each day or … Continue reading A very white White House

Last magical post 

Hey! So yesterday was our last full day in Florida, and we obvs had to spend it in Disney. We redid some of our fav rides; splash mountain, space mountain, the dwarves and soarin'. And we also did some that we didn't get a chance to last time; like finding Nemo! We also strolled round … Continue reading Last magical post 

Wet hair, do care 

Heya, So yesterday and today we've been taking a break from Disney and spent the days at Universal. Yesterday we did the Islands of Adventure and today we did Universal Studios. I'll start with yesterday as that's the inspo for the blog title. Suprisingly enough there's loads of different lands on the Islands of Adventure. … Continue reading Wet hair, do care 

New friends 

Heya guys, Prewarning this will be another photo heavy post. We did Epcot today and it was super fun and informative and with all the flowers so pretty and colourful. They had displays of plants that looked like characters all around the park. Enjoy the following flurry of pics: We also made a load of … Continue reading New friends 

Wet hair don’t care

Heya, As promised there are less pictures today as we spent most of it at Blizzards Beach and my phone doesn't mix well with water.   But the water park was super cool! We went on a load of water slides we could race each other down first. With carpets on our tummy and in … Continue reading Wet hair don’t care

Magic kingdom 

Heya, Me again! And again I have a tonne of pictures and some videos as well for you to enjoy! Don't worry they're not all of princesses. We did the Magic Kingdom today. It's incredible, like I thought I just loved Disney and the other parks were amazing but this one is just mind blowing! … Continue reading Magic kingdom