NASA πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

So today we went to the space centre. It’s seriously cool there!

Like there’s so many exhibits and things to look at.

Pretending to be astronauts

Then you get to go on a tour where they show you mission control. The mission control room where all the Apollo missions were monitored.

They had all the successful missions on the right wall
And the two unsuccessful ones on the left

Another one for the celeb hit list as Tom Hanks was the last actor to stand in the viewing room (where we were allowed to look at mission control from) so we probably/definitely stood on some bit of carpet that he did as well.

And we also got to see the training centre where they train the astronauts as well as develop the robotics side of things (see robots below)

This one is not a robot but an astronaut

Almost forgot, as part of the exhibits you get to touch a bit of moon rock and a bit of rock from Mars! I know super cool!! πŸš€πŸ—»

And of course we hit the gift shop! I have a super cute NASA tee.

That’s all for today, we’re about to cook dinner so catch you on the flip side! πŸ’–


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