It’s history 

Hey guys.
So I know my NASA post was picture heavy but just to warn you today’s is going to be as well.

This morning I had to get up early for an interview (Skype), not that I really got that much sleep anyway. We had two super noisy roomies last night both getting up before 6am! Nerves for the interview didn’t help either so I’m sure I’ll be crashing later tonight.

Anyway after V woke up and we showered ect we set off for Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Just a quick digression here. We have been walking to and back from most places that are an hour or under, so a load more walking than we usually do. 👟👟Which suprisingly we’re really enjoying. Although that may be because the weather we’ve had (apart from three rainy days) has been absolutely gorgeous! ☀️ We’ll get to the cold weather in Washington in a few weeks and be moaning about walking places.

And back to what we got up to today. So we arrived at the museum and it was basically like a natural history museum with some sciencey stuff.

There was a dinosaur timeline which had Dino skeletons, ridiculously life like models, and fossils.

After that we looked at some of the animals they had there. Some of which moved, the bird in particular made me and V shriek in fear. I know I squeal a lot in life generally but V doing it too should show you how freaky it was!

We then went through exhibits on human history. The Mayans, the Ancient Egyptians, the Amazons, and loads more I can’t remember the exhibit names of.
And we finished up with some shells, fish and precious rocks. I’ve always loved shells on the beach, and some of the specimen there were incredible like they had one or the largest snail shells ever.

That’s all for this post. In a while crocodile 💖


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