Houston we have arrived

Hola amigos!
I was too exhausted to post yesterday and two days of writing about how uncomfortable the buses are, how annoying it is when they make you get off the bus at some of the stops and just the fact I only slept for about six hours of about the fifty hours since Thursday is pretty boring.
Anyways we’ve finally made it to Houston, where btw it is very hard to find either a horse to ride that isn’t out on a ranch in the middle of nowhere that we can’t reach or a line to dance in. Anyways we’ve caught up on sleep, although the two hour time difference is messing with us slightly.
Today was our first full day in Houston. It rained. Like soaked through jeans, need a cup of tea and a radiator when we get in rained. But as we’re in America I haven’t been able to find tea as good as my trusty Yorkshire and as it’s like 20 degrees plus for the rest of our time here there was also no radiator. Instead I had ice cream and a couple of blankets wrapped around me.
We started our city pass thing today as well. Kicked it off by going to the aquarium! Where there were some really cool fish (see below), frogs, amphibians and for some bizarre reason also a white tiger. I have no idea why there was a tiger in the aquarium, a tiger which incidentally was all alone and looked a little sad to us (might just have been tired from the huge lump of meat it had eaten though).

After going around the aquarium we also got to go into the stingray reef and stroke (not sure if this is the right term for it) the stingrays. They feel seriously weird, all slimey and smooth at the same time!
Ohh and the hostel were staying in here is super nice, it’s an old mansion they’ve converted so full of southern grandeur and charm.

That’s all for now, laters ‘gators 💖


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