On our way to Amarillo 

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post, we got caught up enjoying our last few days in Vegas.

So since I last wrote we returned to the strip and visited all the places we missed on our first trip out there. This included the grande canal shops, the Hard Rock Cafe (repping one of their cool tees right now), and both M&M and Hershey’s worlds!

Being there a little later we also got to reenact the Oceans 11 scene at the Bellagio fountains.

After that we had a pretty chilled day at the pool, enjoying the sunshine and also catching up on chores.

I seem to constantly be unpacking to find something and then repacking and trying to fit everything in my rucksack.

Anyways we also did our washing. Wrongly assuming that this weird white stuff in the bottom of the machine was washing powder. It was that fake snow stuff! 🙈❄️ So our clothes were covered in it! Luckily we managed to follow Swift’s example and shake it off.

Then today we enjoyed Fremont Street. We got photos under the sign (we were going to so the main strip one but it’s miles out and it was like 26 degrees), watched some street performers and FINALLY placed some bets. I know it took forever but we did it in the end.

And now we are about seven hours into a 39 hour bus journey to Houston. Currently sat on bus two of four that we got on at 3am local time and will be getting off at 5pm, in Amerillo. I know like the song! 🎤

Anyways I’m exhausted so going to try and sleep now! Catch up with you in Houston! 💖


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