Frustrated on February fourteenth

Urgg!!! So today was a mixed bag; started off well, fell to pieces in the middle and ended up pretty well.

We had a pretty relaxed morning after our grand hikes yesterday.

We meandered down Fremont to the greyhound station to get our tickets printed.

Two face to face chats, four phone calls and five emails later we FINALLY got it sorted! We’ve had issues with the ticket between Vegas and Houston since V’s pic crashed before we could print it but when we spoke to them online they said to go to the station and get it printed it was just because it was so far in advance. So today we figured since we didn’t have anything major planned we’d do that. The station couldn’t print it so we had to call customer services, the first person I spoke to literally did the bare minimum she had to. We were told to rebook the tickets online and call once this was done and they would refund us within seven days. This in itself was frustrating enough because it wasn’t an error on our part but there’s, and nobody likes paying for something twice. But I get it, having worked in call centres for the last four years I understand there are limits on what you on the phone could do, and at that stage it was annoying but at least we had been told the process.

But no. We got back to the hostel to book the tickets again and they have doubled in price. Obviously we didn’t want to pay that much without making sure that we got a full refund of the new amount so on the phone I got again. Where I was told that the refund would be on the original amount and not the new one. However, because I’ve worked in call centres I know there are thing that customers say and you have to get it escalated and dealt with as quickly as possible.

After waiting half an hour for a promised call back within that timescale I received an email to say that they couldn’t call my number because it’s English and that we would need to call them on a different number to get this resolved. A number which didn’t work!

Back through to customer services we went. To be told they would escalate it again but there may be the same issues but to call the number on the email, even after I explained the number didn’t work! 😩

Anyways I replied to the email myself and  explained the situation for what felt like the hundredth time and finally got it resolved! 🙌🏼

A reply to the email came within half an hour with our tickets attached and we hadn’t had to pay anything. And thank god our hostel was kind enough to print the tickets out for us!

I seriously do not understand why it took that long and that much effort for what seemed to me to be a pretty simple and logical solution to something that was their mistake, but at least it’s finally sorted.

I did feel bad for the people I spoke to though, I wasn’t rude or anything like that just really assertive about what I wanted and how they were failing to live up to expectations. Which I think V and the guy on reception at the hostel found amusing, especially because I am usually giggling or dancing my way through the lobby.

Anyway after the afternoon was wasted on sorting our tickets out me and V headed out to take some cringey Valentine’s Day photos (see below). And I finally got the pasta I’ve been craving for about a week now! 🍝

The hostel recommended an itailian restaurant so off we marched to get some cheesey garlic bread and linguini. Stupidly we forgot it was Valentine’s Day and we didn’t make a reservation anywhere, so we turned up to Chicago Joe’s and they were fully booked all evening. 😔

But Joe was a total babe, he managed to squeeze us in between his reservations, fill my stomach with amazing pasta and even gave us a rose each!

Anyways that’s all for tonight, sorry it was a bit of a rant! 💖


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