Up in the air 

Hey hey!

Sorry I know I’ve missed a couple of days with the blog but it’s been super busy, which means by blogging time (just pre bedtime) I’m exhausted and just crash instead. 😴

Anyways as I said we’ve had a busy few days so let me fill you in.

On our second day in Vegas we got the bus to the strip (we’re staying in Downtown Vegas, so super close to Fremont street, but like 30 minutes on the bus from the strip). We only managed like half of the strip because it rained and we were just in shorts and tees, and also because it was all so so HUGE!

We saw the Mirage, went window shopping in the forum at Caesars Palace, explored the corridors of the Bellagio as well as watched its impressive fountain show, walked down the mile mall and hit all the Paris tourist spots in under an hour. The Eiffel Tower viewing platform was closed when we visited so we didn’t manage to go up, but we did sit in the casino below.

The forum shops
Paris on the strip
The Bellagio lobby ceiling 😍


We also tried to visit the Hard Rock Cafe but ended up walking out to the hard rock hotel, where the cafe is no longer located! 🙈 but on the plus side we now know where it actually is for when we go back to the strip.

We didn’t manage to get a photo at night outside with the Bellagio fountain, but we did take some pretty cool selfies/ photos of each other.

Vicky and one of the Caesar head chairs
A blurry selfie from one of the fountains in the forum
In the Bellagio’s Chinese New Year garden
Outside Paris
During the fountain show
Both of us pretending to be president

Yesterday we went back to Fremont street  and did some souvenir shopping. And I did the zip line down the street. 🙀  Thanks to V being mildly terrified of heights I had an excellent camera woman to catch it all on film. See below:

​Then today we got up super early, it was supposed to be five but our roomie  kindly set her alarm for half four then repeatedly snoozed it for us so that we got to be awake even earlier. 😴😴

But why were we up so early anyway I hear you ask, well it was because we had a day trip out to the Grand Canyon. 🌄
Our coach driver said on the way out that you can’t describe it properly to someone who hasn’t already seen it themselves. He’s right. We took loads of photos as Ron (the bus driver) also suggested, and you can see a selection below, but they don’t do the place justice. It really is imense and something you have to see for yourself.

We also drove past the Hoover Dam on the way back. Pretty dam impressive!! Sadly I didn’t manage to get a photo as it was the other side of the bus.

Anyway enjoy the photos we took below. It was the perfect way to spend Galantines day with my travel buddy! 💚💛

Ellie and Tilly also enjoyed the views

FYI the next few will be pretty cheesey tourist shots

That’s all for now 💖


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