Vegas baby! 

We made it!!!

I’m not going to lie, our first experience with the Greyhound buses was not great. Our 11pm departure from San Francisco didn’t even arrive until gone 1am the next morning!
While we were waiting a man had a full on seizure and the emergency services arrived to take him off. It was pretty scary stuff but the paramedics knew their stuff and the guy was talking when they wheeled him out so he will hopefully be okay.

After our two hour delay from San Francisco to LA we of course missed the next bus to Vegas. Which meant waiting around in the LA depot for two hours before we were able to catch the next available bus. Finally made it to the hostel a little after six this evening.

Also we thought we’d be so clever and save on accommodation costs by doing buses overnight. I slept for maybe an hour on the first bus  and half an hour on the second! I feel exhausted but an earlyish night and lie in should sort me out ready to party on the strip tomorrow.

And the upside to being awake for most of the ride was the spectacular views I got to see out of the window.

I’m going to shower the stench of bus off me and hit the hay! Laters 💖


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