Updated hit list

So as some of you keeno readers might have picked up on me and V have managed to knock a few items off our hit list! 👏🏼

Here’s the latest version:
* Talk to an American in an American accent – I’ve been practising and either V’s got used to my mangled attempts or I’m getting better, and will soon be ready to speak to an actual American

* Walk down the Vegas strip

* Buy a Disney snow globe

* Wear Minnie Mouse ears for 24 hours 🐭

* The Statue of Liberty 🗽

* Eat American smores (we made our own on list year’s camping adventure)

* Eat the state food in each state we stay – managed to eat some rice here so California’s ticked for this one 

* Ride a horse 🐎

* Line dancing 👯

* Eat cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

* Have pie and coffee in a dinner (full disclosure I do not drink coffee so this will be pie, a sip of coffee then a gallon of tea) ☕️

* Roller skate around San Francisco – I have been unable to find either a roller skate hire place or somewhere we can actually buy them. This may be due to the size and gradient of the hills around here but we may be able to roller skate elsewhere. 

* Bet in Vegas

* Mardi Gras in New Orleans

* Visit a Hard Rock Cafe

* Bungee jumping – again not sure how easy this will be considering all the jumps we’ve been able to find are a good few hours drive away from where we’re staying but we’re working on it! 

* Washington and Lincoln memorials

* Buy some American uni merchandise

* Take a photo at the Brooklyn Bridge 📷

* Visit Walmart – also have not seen one of these yet, but it’s only the first state so there’s time yet! 

* The Grand Canyon

* A ghost tour 👻

* Watch some kind of sports game

* See the Bellagio fountain

* Breakfast at Tiffany’s

* Supersize a macdonalds 🍟🍔 (me and V will be sharing this)

* Spend an afternoon in Barnes and a noble

* Watch a show

* Photo at the Vegas sign

* Empire state building

* People watch in Grand Central

* Central Park 🌳🌳

* Find a LA cap like Hils in Cinderella Story – wearing it as I write! 

* Alcatraz – I have been to the rock 

* Ride a cable car in San Fransisco 🚃 – tick! ✔️✔️

* Visit the 9/11 memorial

* Visit the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉  – photo evidence below! It’s like one of the thing every tourist does but there’ s a reason for that; the views are spectacular! 

* New York public library

* M and M world (chocolate heaven!! 🍫)

* NASA space centre 🚀

* The French Quarter in New Orleans

* Ride the Hogwarts Express 🚂

* The Smithsonian

* Walk the National Mall in Washington

* Niagra Falls

* CN Tower


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