So long San Francisco 

Hey hey!

So we’re currently sat in a bus terminal waiting for our first greyhound, which has been delayed by an hour and half! In case you’re wondering it was scheduled to leave at 11pm so me and V are very tired travellers right now. 😴😴

Anyways, I know I didn’t write yesterday and to be honest I was just seriously tired from our roomies waking us up at the (slightly later than their previous morning clanging around) at half six. And also we didn’t do masses yesterday.

We went and visited the famous (neither of us had ever heard of it) zigzag portion of Lombard Street.

Even in the drizzle its a pretty little sight.

To get to zigzag lane we got our first cable car. I know we left it late into the trip! But it was a fun experience. Please see selfie below, although you cannot tell where we are! 😂📸

After that we had a pretty chill afternoon; doing our washing and a little shopping for essentials like sun cream for the Vegas heat and not so essentials like a Gilmore Girls tee.

Today we have walked miles from one end of the Golden Gate Park to the other, and back again. In the park we also saw the botanical gardens, the Shakespeare garden, and popped into the De Young Museum. Where I was supper excited to have a hot chocolate after all the afore mentioned walking (which you can see proof of in the screengrab below) and in my excitement I totally forgot that American chocolate is not chocolate and it was nof the sweet treat I wanted!

Today has again been a wet day, but as I think I already said, Vegas is I the 20s atm so we should have some nice weather coming up.
Anyways that’s all for now, I’m going to munch on my complimentary chips (crisps!) and wait for my bus. 💖


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