Finer and fuller 

Good morning San Francisco!

So today me and V went to the Palace of Fine Arts. Such a beautiful building!

Tilly and Ellie also enjoyed the view, as you can see when we managed to sneak a photo of them around all the other tourist photo shoots that were happening.

There was like a whole school bus full of tourists there while we walked around the gardens. And we also saw two separate couples doing actual photo shoots with professional photographers while we were there. 📸

But I think one of my favourite parts was this sign:

After seeing it we kept expecting raccoons to pop up/ fall down from all over the place.
After the palace we walked up some pretty steep hills. I know I said in my cycling blog that Scotland was all hills but San Fran is basically one giant hill that you are either walking up or down! But hey it’s good exercise and the views are pretty spectacular.

Anyways the aim of our walk over all the steep hills was to get to the Full House house! As some of you know I’m a semipro Netflix binger and this was the show that I binged around dissertation writing last year. So of course when I knew we were coming to the city it was set in I knew we had to do the tourist shot outside the Tanner’s house.

And to top off a fab day of sightseeing and exploring we went to this fab Thai place for dinner.

And I know I’ve said this a lot but the portions here are like double the size of what you’d get back home. Like this rice is for one person. 🐷

Anyways that’s all for tonight. 💖


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