Living the (childhood) dream 


So today I not only ticked another item of the hit list but in doing so also fulfilled the second of two things that 12 year old Abby would be super excited about.

The first was that we visited the road where princess Mia crashed into the cable car! 🚃 I have stood on the same ground as one of my childhood idols princess Mia aka Anne Hathaway! Hence the slightly awkward half thrilled poses below 🙈 you’ll be glad to see I also made sure that V did the photos too.

At the top of the hill where the car rolled
And at the cross roads where she crashed
V on top
And at the crash roads

During the day we also visited the cable car museum! It’s actually crazy all the mechanics that go into making the cars move. 🚃

Then after dinner this evening we went for cocktails in Sam’s Cable Car Lounge! Where I proceeded to humiliate myself not once but twice 🙈 being the clutz I am I spilt my drink all over myself and the bar. And before any one says anything it was my first drink that I had had like two sips from. I then also opened my purse upside down and spilt my change everywhere when we paid the tab!

But while walking to the bar V spotted my hat! The LA hat that hils wears in A Cinderella Story. The one that I have wanted since the film came out in 2004!

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

That’s all for this post 💖


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