San Fran ☀️

Sup dudes and dudette!

As some of you keenbean readers (mum) might remember from the last blog post we have made it to San Francisco.

It’s nice to be in a place where we can fully understand the language and the street signs, although I only find crossing American roads mildly less confusing.

We had a pretty chilled day today. Went and exchanged our left over pesos for dollars. 💵 Walking to the nearest currency exchange place was a couple of miles and we kept getting distracted by various interesting buildings and bookstores.

An American Mint
City Hall

For those of you who don’t know I also have an epic book list I’m working my way through, it’s currently down to just shy of 200 but I’m always adding more. Anyways I managed to pick up a book on my list today from a really cool and cheap bookstore. 📚

We also stocked up on shampoo ect which we only packed travel bottles of. And in entering Safeway (which apparently is still a thing in America, who knew) we discovered that they have giant bags of sweets that are bigger than our heads! Like who needs that much candy???

I also had a bit of a sad moment today. Reducing the weigh of my bag meant I only brought two pairs of jeans. My favourite of which, the black pair, met their untimely demise today. They didn’t even wear through like jeans normally do with my chubby thighs, I sat down and riippppppppp! It was heartbreaking. 💔

However, as the shops here are open until like nine at least we managed to hit a h and m so I could buy another pair. They didn’t have any black ones in my size but I managed to get a light blue pair (which I have been search for for ages) and a super light blue pair. And they were super cheap compared to home.

Enough about the shopping though, we also visited Union Square and had dinner on the 5th floor of Macy’s. We sat right next to the window as well, killer view!

That’s all for tonight! 💖


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