Hola and adios 

So I know I said I’d be more regs with the posts but I got caught up in jet lag and exploring Mexico!

Anyway we are currently sat on the floor in San Francisco waiting for our rucksacks to come through so we can leave the airport and get to our beds. It’s half ten here but that’s two hours behind Mexico so both me and V are feeling tired! 😴

Anyway back to Mexico. We spent our days walking around taking in the sites and visited my new favourite place the chocolate museum, where there was a room made of chocolate 😍

The flights to Mexico were fine, despite me and V being split up and sitting in the middle of two strangers on the second flight. And we met a great man on our Atlanta layover who hyped up Mexico City a lot. Which was nice to hear after all the panicking my mum had been doing about how dangerous the city was. And yeah there’s a lot, and I mean a lot, of police everywhere with guns but I never felt unsafe there.

Anyway looks like our baggage is coming through so enjoy some more photos of Mexico!


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