Houston hit list update  

Hey guys, Sorry it's been a couple of days. We had a few busy days and late nights followed by some lazy ones. So after posting Wednesday we ended up in the garden until two, just talking to some of the others in the hostel and drinking wine. But more importantly I line danced! 💃🏼💃🏼 … Continue reading Houston hit list update  


It’s history 

Hey guys. So I know my NASA post was picture heavy but just to warn you today's is going to be as well. This morning I had to get up early for an interview (Skype), not that I really got that much sleep anyway. We had two super noisy roomies last night both getting up … Continue reading It’s history 

NASA 🚀🚀🚀

Hola! So today we went to the space centre. It's seriously cool there! Like there's so many exhibits and things to look at. Then you get to go on a tour where they show you mission control. The mission control room where all the Apollo missions were monitored. Another one for the celeb hit list … Continue reading NASA 🚀🚀🚀

On our way to Amarillo 

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while since the last post, we got caught up enjoying our last few days in Vegas. So since I last wrote we returned to the strip and visited all the places we missed on our first trip out there. This included the grande canal shops, the Hard Rock Cafe … Continue reading On our way to Amarillo 

Frustrated on February fourteenth

Urgg!!! So today was a mixed bag; started off well, fell to pieces in the middle and ended up pretty well. We had a pretty relaxed morning after our grand hikes yesterday. We meandered down Fremont to the greyhound station to get our tickets printed. Two face to face chats, four phone calls and five … Continue reading Frustrated on February fourteenth

Up in the air 

Hey hey! Sorry I know I've missed a couple of days with the blog but it's been super busy, which means by blogging time (just pre bedtime) I'm exhausted and just crash instead. 😴 Anyways as I said we've had a busy few days so let me fill you in. On our second day in … Continue reading Up in the air 

Waking up in Vegas 

Heya! So it's been a pretty chilled day today. We had a lie in, which was needed after the bus journeys. After our lie in and planning of what we are doing each day, according to most people we've met a long weekend is enough for Vegas and we're here for eight days 🙈😂 but … Continue reading Waking up in Vegas 

Vegas baby! 

We made it!!! I'm not going to lie, our first experience with the Greyhound buses was not great. Our 11pm departure from San Francisco didn't even arrive until gone 1am the next morning! While we were waiting a man had a full on seizure and the emergency services arrived to take him off. It was … Continue reading Vegas baby! 

Updated hit list

So as some of you keeno readers might have picked up on me and V have managed to knock a few items off our hit list! 👏🏼 Here's the latest version: * Talk to an American in an American accent - I've been practising and either V's got used to my mangled attempts or I'm … Continue reading Updated hit list