Saying goodbye 

So I know the blog posts have been a bit sparse, but you’ll (maybe) be glad to know that we’re actually off on Sunday and so they will be more frequent.

Over the last week me and V have said a lot of goodbyes. I left my job last Friday and went out to say goodbye to the new friends I made there over the last few weeks. We also went out for a night with some of our friends to celebrate our travelling, and as you can see in the photos below we got a little merry 🍹

I’ve said goodbye to a lot of family as well, and on Saturday we’re driving up to London so we can get our flight early Sunday morning. 

I have all my tickets and money, read books on how to be a savvy  traveller and my rucksack is now packed. Although it I had to cut my teabags, 💔💔 Not sure on how I’m going to survive without my beloved Yorkshire but I’ll have to try and brace the American stuff. I’ve even been trying to get used to iced tea, which by the way is so not tea!! 

I’m excited and nervous and you can bet I will be babbling away on here as well as to the people I meet. 

Anyways I’ll write more on departure day!    So long until then! 💖


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