T minus 27 days

Hey guys! 

So as some of you know at the end of the month me and my main gal pal V are off on an adventure! Woooo!! πŸŽ‰ And to keep a record to look back on and so my mum can make sure I’m still alive I’m blogging as we go.

It’s been months of saving, mapping and planning; most of which was shopping. Looking for a rucksack that wasn’t a disgusting camping camo colour, a towel that won’t keep said rucksack permanently damp and a lot of finding cute clothes that weren’t necessary but will look great. 

Anyway enough about shopping, that would take an entire blog on its own. We fly out to Mexico on the 29th of  January, then up to the states. Where we are getting a lot of greyhounds (buses not dogs) between; San Francisco, Las Vegas, Huston, New Orleans, Orlando, Washington, New York then finally up to Toronto. 

So if you fancy reading about a clutz and her super indie friend travelling around please follow my blog posts! 

Way back when we travelled to Potterland three years ago

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