Flying ✈️

It's finally time! Me and V are currently sat in the departure lounge waiting for our gate number to come up! Yesterday we had a bit of a panic when our scales said my bag was overweight so I lost a lot of clothes and my heels 💔 But when I got to the airport [...]


Saying goodbye 

So I know the blog posts have been a bit sparse, but you'll (maybe) be glad to know that we're actually off on Sunday and so they will be more frequent. Over the last week me and V have said a lot of goodbyes. I left my job last Friday and went out to say [...]

Hit list

So as part of our trip I have a list of things I want to do. A few of which are places and activities me and V are looking forward to visiting/doing and some of them are just silly Abby things.  I'll be posting as we tick things off! THE HIT LIST:  Talk to an [...]

T minus 27 days

Hey guys!  So as some of you know at the end of the month me and my main gal pal V are off on an adventure! Woooo!! 🎉 And to keep a record to look back on and so my mum can make sure I'm still alive I'm blogging as we go. It's been months [...]