I’m Abby. I’m 23, a clutz and perhaps most importantly I’m a writer.

I am a writer. Or at least I’m trying to be. One of the first things they told me when I started my creative writing masters was that you need to think of yourself as a writer.

So yeah I’m other things. I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. I’m a knitter. I’m a runner. I’m a reader. But, for this year at least, most importantly I am a writer.

And this is my blog. If you’ve read for a while then you’ll know that this started as a travel blog. A way for me to document my gap year adventure. And when I go off on the next big trip I’ll be doing some more of those boastful, picture heavy “look where I am” posts.

There are also some posts updating you on the Hitlist. A bucket list by another name, because I like to be a little different. I’m still working through the list. Now I’m back at uni and working it’s a little more difficult to spontaneously jump into a swimming pool, but I’m working on it. And hey if any of you have a pool I can jump fully clothed into hook a gal up!

But there is also another type of post working their way onto my blog. Creative writing. At uni I’m working on a novel, I won’t bore you with its blurb because any posts on here are not going to be from it. Instead it will be a place for me to post more experimental shorter pieces. Some of it will be fiction and some will be non-fiction, because last semester I surprisingly discovered a love of writing non-fiction. But don’t worry there won’t be too much on me as when I’m not travelling or doing the Hitlist I have a pretty boring life. Anyways, I hope you like reading my posts. Feel free to leave any feedback, all is welcome as long as it’s about the writing.